You’ll Never Believe The Moves of This Street Performer

When was the last time you guys watched a good street performer? I mean, a really good street performer. I’m sure you all remember that guys who did that amazing dub-step dance on Pumped up kicks (now I’m not even sure if that can be called street performance as he was not exactly on the street).

That video came out more than 3 years ago and is sitting on just above 100, 000 000 views. Let’s just say that people love watching crazy dancers on YouTube, thus we urge you to check this video out:

First thing that came to our mind when we first watched this at the office was: daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, Chris Tucker got some nasty moves. He does look like Chris Tucker….kind of…. Right? 

Anyway, that guy really has some good moves accompanied by some humorous noises ( or mating calls, we’re still not sure ) which really entertained the crowd. Near the end of his show, he even did some weird acrobatics in front of a girl from the crowd. Well, to be completely honest with you, those moves he did in front of the girl were kind of disturbing. I mean, just look at this: