You Won’t Believe Dwight Howard Did This

Look, who hasn’t grabbed a hearty handful of their friend’s family jewels while enjoying a good game of basketball? It’s an integral part of the sport that permeates all levels.

I remember when I was a kid the game used to be all about going down to the local park, picking teams, shooting three-pointers, and fondly fondling your buddy’s anatomical unmentionables, the whole package.

Source: Maurice Coleman

Well clearly I’m not alone in this most sacred of sporting traditions. Because this video taken from a live broadcast of a game between the Houston Rockets and LA Clippers, it clearly shows Houston star Dwight Howard (apparently in costume as Bobby Fisher’s night stand) full on, no hesitation, grasping his teammates junk.

This is no accident either, because it’s clear from this footage that Howard went in there with intent, because boy is he **in there**.

The best part of all of this is the teammates reaction, or rather lack thereof. He plays it off as if it were an everyday occurrence, which for all we know it could very well be. After a brief jump he looks down at Dwight’s hand and presumably thinks “oh, it’s just Dwight, that’s not nearly as bad as I thought it was.

He’s so gentle.” as he then proceeds to gently caress Howard’s wrist which is still firmly seated in his lap. It may not be overtly gay (we all know sports teams often have a strange familial connection), but it’s certainly weird, and definitely worth a watch.