You never Knew Eating Tomatoes Could Prevent Heart Attacks, See Ten Other Benefits

10 Health Benefits Derived from Eating Tomatoes

Many believe that tomatoes are only meant for cooking stew or soup especially in Nigeria. I used to be in that category of people until i figured out that eating tomatoes just as we eat fruits has a lot of benefits. After reading these benefits, you will eat tomatoes everyday…. 10 of these benefits are summarized below:

  1. Tomatoes are good for your skin.

Tomatoes contain a high level of lycopene, which is a substance that is used in some of the more pricey facial cleansers that are available for purchase over-the-counter.

If you want to try tomatoes for skin care, you need to start with about eight to twelve tomatoes. Peel the tomatoes and then place the skin on your face with inside of the tomato touching your skin.

Leave the tomatoes on your face for a minimum of ten minutes, then wash. Your face will feel clean and shiny. Some redness may occur, but should fade with time.

  1. Tomatoes help prevent several types of cancer.

A number of studies have been conducted that indicate that the high levels of lycopene in tomatoes works to reduce your chances of developing prostate, colorectal and stomach cancer.

Lycopene is a natural antioxidant that works effectively to slow the growth of cancerous cells. Cooked tomatoes produce even more lycopene, so go ahead and cook up a batch of your mom’s famous tomato soup.