What I Learnt Olamide and Don Jazzy Beef and Make Up

Olamide and Don Jazzy Beef and Make Up

The beef between Olamide and Don Jazzy lasted for about 48 hours. Within that period, lots of attention were arrested, accusations were flying freely in the air, fans were throwing each other “e-punches.” Also, some dangerous venom were spilled by Olamide while Don Jazzy dished out cunning disses.

Oh! You were in the village when it all happened and had no internet access? You can check out the scene in the video below:


Although the beef is officially settled, I however want to take a look at some things I learnt from the whole scenario.

1. Olamide looks like a legend now

Although he was raw in his rants towards the organizers of the Headies Awards, he was however brave to challenge Don Jazzy without nursing any fear. According to public opinion, the initial rant was not directed towards Don Jazzy, however, the ones on Twitter were meant for him. Olamide got the full support of his core fans despite those displays. This scenario will still be referred to in years to come.

2. Don Jazzy remains a boss

Despite all the curses and abuses that were thrown at him by Olamide, he kept his cool and did not utter any word after saying what he had to say on the stage. Some may think it’s a display of maturity, I think it’s beyond that. It’s Olamide for God’s sake, one of the hottest names in the Nigerian musical scene, the YBNL boss. Why would Don Jazzy be interested in keeping a beef with him when they can settle it and make some cool cash together?

3. Beef is sometimes needed in the industry

Personally, I was entertained by the whole scenario. Beef throws some life into the boredom caused by excess love and peace. Most Musicians in Nigeria only display love publicly while they beef each other in private. It’s however refreshing to see some beefs publicly displayed. It’s one of the components of entertainment. It’s not every time we need to hear “shakitibobo,” some occasional “fuck you” will also be welcome.

4. Headies is the actual winner of the beef

The beef and everything that surrounded it really gave massive exposure to the Headies Awards. In fact, it is the greatest buzz the award has enjoyed in years. The beef sparked people’s interest in the show. Was it a publicity stunt? no one knows.

5. This is not the end

Olamide said some things on twitter which he had been harboring all this while. Therefore, mere shaking of hands won’t erase those words. They can still erupt if any “fucking shit” (in Olamide’s voice) happens in future. So, let’s say we have a cease fire for now.

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