Unseen Photos of Nigeria’s First Family

Many Nigerians have not see these Beautiful photos of Nigeria’s first family!

While the rest of Nigeria feels this current regime has been inhumane with its political and economic policies, these pictures revealed the other side of life. While the first daughter has been busy taking charity to another level and volunteering at various foundations, the first lady has been acting out the role of a mother, the President on the other hand pauses to talk to a little girl. How cute and adorable is this?

After all they are humans and have emotions too. A close knit family with little or nothing showcased about their public life, these photos reveal their simplicity towards everyday life. The first daughter captioned in one of the photos;

”Family is everything”

See 7 Photos of Nigeria’s first family;

Images by: Take me to Naija

Photo: Take me to Naija

Muhammed Buhari's family

Photo: Facebook/Zahra Buhari