Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs Ever

Are These The Worst Christmas Songs Ever?

One thing synonymous with this season apart from eating, drinking, sharing and gift giving is Christmas songs. There lots of them, and as expected not all are good to the hear. While we have categories of songs that we love listening to whenever it’s Christmas season, there are also some we feel are rotten to their cloying holiday core.

So, let’s check out the top 10 worst Christmas songs.

  1. Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Although the song may have good intentions, however, it paints the poverty-stricken children of the third world as bizarre others. The message of the song was delivered awkwardly especially this line  “Thank God it’s them instead of you”  that makes me feel like a total jackass. Though people have argue to justify that line, I just believe its a lyrical fall!

Listen to it here:

Source: PhoneixRising100

  1. Here Comes Santa Claus

The repetitive nature noticed of this song makes it annoying. It sounds like a propaganda song for a dictator that’s self-obsessed.

Listen to it here:

Source: TheNewFormat