Top 10 Old and Forgotten Nigerian Hairstyles in the 90s

When it comes to keeping tradition Nigerians are know to follow the lifestyle and cultures of their forefathers. Things have changed now in the name of civilization and most of the fashion trends of the 90s has been through out the window. The use to be some popular Nigerian hairstyles before the coming of wigs, relaxers and Brazilian hair.

These hairstyles were done with the natural hair or with thread attached to it.  Men are always after any woman donning these hairstyles because they were considered absolutely beautiful.

Here are the top 1o Nigerian hairstyles our parents rocked in the 90s

#1. Oluweri Headdress style 

Oluweri hair style

Photo: JD Ohkai Ojeikere

#2. Traditional Ceremonial Suku

Traditional Ceremonial Suku hair style

Photo: JD Ohkai Ojeikere