Top 10 Funniest Fantasy Football Names


Football is truly an amazing sport. It is filled with excitement and tension, the two words that make millions of men across the world couch potatoes. Do you guys remember the superbowl this year and that amazing comeback the Patriots managed to pull off and win the title? Oh come on, of course you do.

Those sorts of things make this game special.  Now, there are people that love this sport so much they actually play the fantasy football games, and we all respect that – games are great way to reduce your stress and anxiety, but. . . Some people enjoy the game so much they spend hours and hours coming up with ( we have to admit) some really, really funny team names.

Top 10 Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names

10“ Forte shades of gray ” – reference to Matt forte

9. “Slob on my Cobb ” – reference to Randall Cobb

8. “Luck her right in the Percy ” – reference to Andrew Luck and Percy Harvin and a certain viral video (and we all know which one ☺)

7. “Ben there raped that ” –  reference to Ben Roethlisberger, this one made us laugh like crazy

6. “Hyde your kids Hyde your wife ” – reference to Carlos Hyde and an old youtube viral video

5. “Murray Christmas ya filthy Allenmal ” – reference to DeMarco Murray and Keenan Alien

4. “De more de maryius ” – reference to Demaryius Thomas

3. “Turn down for Watt ” – reference to J.J Watt (may we add 1.21 JJWATS as well?)

2. “ Teach me how to Dougie ” – reference to Doug Martin

1. “Surprise Mother Fluker! ” – reference to D. J. Fluker

Well guys, we hope you enjoyed our top 10 funniest fantasy football team names. These are some diamonds eh? Those word games got the better of us, so we will have to end it here and go grab some cold Brees (yeah, that’s right, we said it).  Enjoy your weekend guys!