Top 10 Dumbest Lottery Winners

Well guys, I am 100% sure all of you dreamed of winning the lottery!! We all have those crazy dreams in which we think of ways to spend that enormous amount of money. Well, this is a list of people who won the lottery but spent the money in the dumbest ways possible. Just read, these people just plain stupid!!

10 Dumbest Lottery Winners

10. Ian Galtress

Ian Galtress

This dude bought 2 lottery tickets, 1 for his girlfriend and 1 for himself. The numbers were different by the last number and that’s how he knew he won the lottery. The problem was: he had the girlfriends ticket but he lost his!!! He went on a treasure hunt hoping to retrieve the ticket but never found it. Poor guy, he was supposed to win 1 000 000 pounds.

9. Etta May Urquhart

Etta May Urquhart


She lost her money to her son. When she found out she has won the lottery she was so shocked so she asked her son to claim the money and bring it back to her. Her son took the ticket, claimed the money and went on one hell of a spending spree. Never trust anyone!!

8. Vivian Nicholson


She won the lottery back in 1961. She literally spent it all on expensive clothes and filed for bankruptcy in 1965. Women!!

7. Americo Lopes


He was a construction worker who quit his job immediately after he won the lottery. Few months later, his colleagues sued him because, apparently, the ticket came from their “lottery ticket pool” in which everyone participated. He lost all of his money on the court.

6. Janite Lee

Lottery Ticket

She was a wig shop owner won $18 000 000 back in 1993. She gave most of the money to charity and had to file for bankruptcy few years later.

5. Amanda Clayton

Amanda Clayton

She went to jail after winning the lottery because she was using welfare coupons. After she got out of jail she overdosed.

4. Denise Rossi

Denise Rossi

She divorced her husband right after winning the lottery without telling him. Later on, he found out about it and sued her – he won every single penny! ☺

3. Michael Caroll

Michael Caroll

He purchased a lot of houses and cars after winning the lottery only to hold demolition derbies in his backyards. He ended up in jail and pretty much broke.

2. Evelyn Adams

Evelyn Adams

She won the lottery twice, once in 1985 and once again in 1986. She gambled it all in Atlantic city and is now living in a trailer.

1. Willie Hurt


He spent ALL of his cash on hookers and cocaine. Yup, Willie had some fun time with that money. ☺