Top 10 Dangerous Countries to Live In 2016

In the wake of all the civil unrest and terror groups taking over nations, one of the key factors that is being considered before settling in a place is peace. This however, is missing in lots of countries in the world.

While we hope for stability, highlighted below are the riskiest countries to live in 2016

  1. Syria

The Syrian civil war, coupled with the war between the ISIS militants and the government armed forces make the country the most dangerous place to live in. The country has no life security. Millions have been rendered homeless by the various unrests going on in the country.

  1. Somalia

The country is bordered with Ethiopia, Djibouti, Gulf of Aden, Indian coastline and Kenya. They are reputed for kidnapping, theft, robberies, corruption and bribery. It is one of the most unlegislated and poorest countries.

  1. Nigeria

With a population of about 174 million inhabitants, it is the most populous black nation. The country has been suffering from unrest as a result of the Boko Haram insurgency since 2002. This has led to thousands of victims each year, thereby making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

  1. Afghanistan

The country has faced a number of civil wars which had devastated it. The American security forces also fought with the Taliban group in the country for about 14 years. It is well known for kidnapping, corruption, assassinations and drug trafficking.

  1. Sudan

It is one of the extremely dangerous countries in the world as a result of the internal ethnic conflicts. This led to long unrest in the country and claimed thousands of lives. The zero level of security has also prevented tourists from visiting the country.

  1. USA

It is the world third-largest country by population. It’s faced with criminal and terror activities in some of its states. The crime rate has increased after the World War II. Violent activities such as homicide, assault, forcible rape, manslaughter and robbery are found in the country.

  1. Iraq

The country which houses 95% Sunni Muslims, is one of the leading oil states in the world. The Syrian war has however affected the country. The fight between insurgents and the armed forces has led to killing of many children and women. The US-led coalition has not succeeded in eliminating ISIS from Iraq.

  1. Pakistan

It is bordered by India, Afghanistan, Iran and China. Criminal activities in Pakistan include money laundering, political violence, extortion, robbery, abduction, terrorism and drug trafficking. All these activities has made the country a dangerous place for tourist.

  1. Mexico

Mexico shares boarder with the United States. Mexico is known as a drug state with increasing drug trafficking. Other crimes in Mexico include sexual violence, pick pocketing, extortion, robbery and kidnappings. Mexico is also home to daredevil gangs and godfathers.

10. Russia

Although the crime rate in the country is declining, it is still a dangerous place to live in because it is still associated with money laundering, human trafficking, extortion, terrorism and drug trafficking.

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