Time Lapse of Michael Jackson’s Plastic Surgery

As the title states, this video shows us the transformation of Michael Jacksons face which started to go through drastic changes after he was diagnosed with vitiligo, a quite rare skin disorder which causes depigmentation of certain parts of skin ( Michael’s family had a history with the disease so it’s no miracle he got it too ).

The depigmentation results in white spots on certain parts of the body and are much more visible on people with dark complexity.

Source: videostar3001

We all know that Michael Jackson was involved into many scandals, and we can freely say that one of those scandals are surely those obvious changes in his appearance, on top of all the changes in his skin color which were the main gossip subject for many years.

As you can see in the video, Michael Jackson’s facial texture changed drastically throughout the years. There are some conspiracy theories which suggest that Michael systematically bleached his skin using products such as Benoquin cream and similar products in order to look like a white person.

I’m 100% sure that at this very moment, somewhere on this planet, white Michael Jackson is smoking a bit fat blunt with 2pac. J Come on guys, you don’t believe in conspiracy theories. . Seriously?