Time For Some Brutal Knockouts

When I saw the title of this video said “BRUTAL knockouts” I was like: meh, I’ve seen hundreds of fighting videos on youtube that claimed to be brutal but were shitty so I though this is probably shitty too. Well guys, let’s just say I was terribly wrong.

This video shows surely some of the most brutal knockouts I’ve seen. They range from “oooooh shit” to “did he survive that?”

The best one was the scene shown somewhere around 3:40. It’s where those 2 completely identical guys ( yes, I’m not kidding, they looked the same to me ) knocked out each other in the exact same second. If it wasn’t dangerous and brutal, It would be somewhat funny.

Well guys, what do you think about such sports – are they “noble” as some people claim, or are they just brutal and way too aggressive? When it comes to me, I don’t really like to watch boxing or UFC or anything fight – related ( except for street fights on youtube, for me it is like watching documentaries on natural selection ).