This Girls Magical Makeup Transformation Is Jaw-Dropping

Men always see female’s makeups as magic!

Of course makeup is not magic, it just make every lady more beautiful! This is obvious when we see all the “before” and “after” pictures of made up women including celebs.

Ever imagined how striking a half face of makeup will look like?

No need to wonder too much because beauty vlogger, Jennie Jenkins took it upon herself to show us the transformative power of makeup.

To say the big reveal was jarring would be an understatement. Here is the power of makeup:

1.  The natural face (half)

Her natural face (half of it) without any makeup.

Jennie Jenkins

Photo: YouTube


2. The makeup face (half)

Her face fully made up.

Jennie Jenkins

Photo: YouTube


3.  The Big Reveal (full face)

And the jarring impact of a half natural and half full faced makeup.

Jennie Jenkins

Photo: YouTube


The difference is just glaringly clear.

Via: Jennie Jenkins

Via: OMGvoice