These 10 Countries May Not Survive the Next 20 Years

People often say the world will come to an end soon due to all the war going on in different parts of the world, terrorism, epidemics, air pollution and global warming etc, to mention a few. But before the world will come to an end, these countries may not even survive to see the next 20 year.

  1. The Maldives

Maldives is located between India and Africa. It risks being submerged by the sea as a result of the constant increase in the sea level caused by global warming.

2. United States of America

The United States of America gained its independence as a result of civil war. Some of these wars are still deeply rooted in America’s politics and unless they’re taken care of, some states may break free in the next 20 years. Some of these states include Alaska and Texas.

3. The United Kingdom

The independence movement staged by Scotland in 2014 is a strong indication that United Kingdom risks separation. Similar movements are also observed in Wales and Northern Ireland.


ISIS seized the third of Iraq and Syria in military takeover and experienced a sudden rise to power in 2014. For it to survive, it must either defeat or be peaceful with Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kurdistan, The Free Syrian Army, Iran and the US.

5. Libya

Libya is the result of colonial era after being under colonial control of Italy until 1951. The country has fallen apart after the death of its ruler- Colonel Gaddafi, in 2011. The second civil war is currently going on in Libya and it’s possible the country may not emerge from it as a united nation.

6. Iraq

Saddam Hussein was able to keep the country intact by brute force. However, the country now seems to be falling apart into 3 groups- the Sunnis, Kurds and Shiites. The 9/11 attack has also shifted attention to Iraq as the center of warfare and complicated politics.

7. China

Pollution may get rid of China. Half of its rivers and reservoirs are polluted beyond what can be consumed by man. It was reported that by 2030, all the drinkable water in China would have been used up.

8. Belgium

Ethnicity is the major problem with Belgium. Flanders and Wallonia are the two halves of Belgium and they have very little in common. The Wallonia want independent Wallonia while the Flanders also want independent Flanders. It is envisaged that Belgium, in the next 20 years, may split into Flanders and Wallonia.

9. North Korea

This country is really lagging behind in technological advancement because it isolated itself from the rest of the world. Internet access is even made available to few set of people. The self-reliance attitude of North Korea will not enable it to survive the next 20 years because it does not have the needed resources.

10. Spain

Spain is plagued by economic crisis. Its national debt to GDP ratio is 94% with high unemployment rate. Regional powers are also rising. These are detrimental to the country’s unity in the next 20 years. Catalonia (located in western Spain) has been clamoring for independence and it’s backed by the public.