The Funniest And Scariest Mugshots Ever

We all know that getting booked in jail is not a very fun experience, but some of these people did not get the memo.  We have combed the internet to find some of the funniest and scariest mugshots ever.  After seeing these, you’ll hope you never end up in a holding cell with these people.

Crazy Eyes Mugshot 2 Ugly Mugshot Tattoo Mugshot Scary Mugshot Redneck Mugshot Racist Mugshot No Nose Mugshot No Jaw Mugshot Nice Mugshot Nice Makeup Mugshot Mugshot Lol Mugshot Half a Head Mugshot Fat Slob Mugshot Fat Mugshot Crying Mugshot Creepy Mugshot Creepy Mugshot 2 Crazy Mugshot Crazy Human Mugshot Crazy Eyes Mugshot

Great Mugshot