Summer Trend Alert! Ripped Jeans

Summer is near again and the ripped Jeans trend is certainly back! Popular back from the 90’s and even hotter now, Ripped Jeans is here to stay…

Recently, a survey carried out about women rocking the ripped jeans trend, the male folks were asked about their take on ladies baring some skin considering that fact that she already has an appealing figure that constantly draws attention to her God given structure.

The result came out to be that 60% of men aid YES while the remaining 40% voted NO from reasons based on religious beliefs, over exposure and how a woman should stay fully covered. To some extent I totally agree with the nay Sayers. Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean anyone and everyone can join the bandwagon.

Here are 5 ways to rock the ripped jeans trend yet maintaining your cool.

#1. Accessories

You can never go wrong with these especially when they have elements showcasing the feminine side. They come in feminine colors like pink shoes, or carry details like feathers, both can actually work the magic. You want to give this expression of ‘sexy yet good enough to take home to mama.’

Ripped Jeans

Photo: Rack