Suda The Amazing Painting Elephant

Hello ladies and gentlemen, urgent 12 o’clock news – with the newest world update, God has buffed elephants. He gave them a new skill – drawing. The effects of this ability are still unknown. 🙂

Surely guys, this has to be one of the most amazing and breathtaking videos you have seen in months. It shows us a young elephant using his snort in order to paint with a brush.

Source: FSchleyhahn

The video shows us how we are not the only creative race on this planet. Of course, animals can be really artistic, but come on, this is another level. I mean, you don’t see an elephant drawing stuff every day.

The elephant’s name is Suda and you have to admit that he is the cutest little elephant you have ever seen. He is only 4 years old and is quite small when compared to an adult male elephant.

Now let’s get back to the fact that Suda can actually draw paintings. Just look at the way he uses his snort to do so, isn’t that is just amazing?! It means elephants ( or at least Suda ) possess a level of perception high enough to make them associate in a way similar to us.