Struggling to Go Natural? These Nigerian Celebrities Will Inspire You.

Nigerian women use to be lovers of natural hair in time past, but the introduction of wigs and luxury artificial hair has made many ladies forget about the beauty of their natural hair. Nigerian female celebrities are bringing the love for natural hair back, as many are seen recently in their natural hair.

Many woman can’t do without artificial hair, due to their short or bald hair which is understandable. The few with natural long hair still don’t feel confident in their natural hair. if you’re one of them, these female celebrities will definitely inspire you to go natural

Here are photos of female celebrities in Nigeria in their natural hair;

#1. Nse Ikpe-Etim

Nigerian Celebrities with natural hair

Photo: 36 Ng


#2. Omoni Bello

Nigerian Celebrities with natural hair

Photo: 360 Nobs