Romanian Brothers Tag Strongest Kids Ever

Strongest Kids Ever

Giuliano Stroe and Claudiu are two brothers from Romania. They are fondly referred to as the ‘Little Hercules’ and started lifting weights when they were just two. These kids are considered as the strongest kid bodybuilders in the world.

Strongest kidsSource:bestofmums

Their father is their trainer and he plans to make the boys the world’s strongest kids. He makes them go through a workout session everyday spanning about 2 hours. Their hobby is also supported by their mother. The kids have amazing body definition and are also skilled in acrobats.

Guiliano has won two world records 90-degree vertical push-ups and also for holding on to a pole like a human flag. Medical practitioners have however opposed the kind of exposure these kids have. They claimed it can affect their development. Also, the kids can get hurt while in the gym. Apart from the doctors’ claim, viewers also claimed that making the kids go through such workout routine is an act of child abuse.

Strongest kidsSource: bestofmums

The boys are fed on a diet comprising pasta and protein with a supplement of ‘vitamin powder.’ They plan to move to the UK to continue with their activities there.

Watch the kids as they work out in their gym here;

Source: GiulianoStroeOfficial