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Synopsis: Uzoma Dozie was born Nov. 2, 1969, in London, UK, into the family of Pascal Dozie, founder, Diamond Bank Plc. He is an investor, banker and an economist. He is said to be an advocate of technology. Mr. Uzoma is the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Bank Plc, the leading retail financial institution built by his father. He had served as Executive Director of Corporate Banking and of Regional Business Lagos and West Regions. He became the new General Managing Director and CEO of Diamond Bank Plc after his predecessor, Alex Otti, went on voluntary retirement in October 2014. He then made a public appearance in the bank’s official television commercial featuring the mobile application.

Prior to taking over as GMD, Uzoma had served as Deputy Managing Director of Diamond Bank Plc since April 2013. He also served as Executive Director of Personnel Banking of the bank. Uzoma has over 15 years of banking experience in three different financial institutions across Nigeria. He joined Diamond Bank in the year 1998 as an Assistant Manager and Head of the bank’s Oil and Gas Unit, served as Financial Controller of the bank between June 2001 and April 2004. He has been a Director of one faculty at the Lagos Business School since the year 2007, while he has been an Executive Director at Diamond Bank Plc since 2005.

Uzoma holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Reading, Berkshire, in England, and a Master’s of Science degree in Chemical Research from the University College, London, England. He also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Imperial College Management School of London in 1998.

Uzoma had part of his secondary school education at the Command Secondary School in Kaduna, with Chemistry said to be his favorite course even at the time. It’s said that the father deciding to send him over to England for studies after discovering that Uzoma, despite his brilliance, did not know what a test tube was.

He initially wanted to study medicine, but he was dissuaded by the amount of time it would require before he graduates.

Upon returning to Nigeria, he was torn between working in an oil company and working in the bank. He would later settle for a banking job due to the influence of his father.

As the GMD of Diamond Bank, Uzoma has done excellently for himself and career, taking the bank from height to height, steering it to even greater success since taking over from Otti.

He has since carved a niche for himself and quelled the initially doubts that arose questioning his capacity to run the bank giving his chemistry background. Not even his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Imperial College Management School of London, could lay credence to his ability at the time. Uzoma was that fortunate! He has become a success, proving that there’s chemistry even in banking!


  • University of Reading, Berkshire
  • University College, London, England
  • Imperial College Management School of London

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Foundation or organisation founded: Current Managing Director at Diamond Bank Plc