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Chief Dele Fajemirokun was born into the resourceful family of Henry Oloyede Fajemirokun, a famous shipping guru and one of Africa’s most successful businessmen during his days. Suffice to say that he was born into wealth and splendor.

Dele Fajemirokun has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (then University of Ife). He also has an Honorary Doctorate degree from City University in Los-Angeles, USA.

Fajemirokun has grown to become a renowned entrepreneur and prominent boardroom guru in his own right. He sits on the board of several Nigerian valuable companies, which includes the American International Insurance company Plc, and oil explorer—First Hydrocarbon Nigeria Limited.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Administrative Management of Nigeria (IAMN), and the Institute of Directors. Dele Fajemirokun still serves as the Chairman of American International Insurance Company Plc, where he has been on the board of the company since November 1992.

He has over thirty years of experience in business development and wealth creation both within and outside Nigeria, and has kept the fire burning.

He has grown to become a shrewd businessman whose hands are in many juicy pies. Since taking over the Henry Stephen Group, he has gone on to spread his tentacles into Fan Milk and Johnson Wax. He has since maintained sole distributorship of Xerox. In addition, he has had a grip on companies like Kings Guards, Chicken Republic, Multishield Limited, Logic Sciences Limited, FSS Gases Limited, Blue Chip Communications Limited, Food Concepts and Entertainment amongst others.

He chairs the board of FSS Gasses Limited—an established supplier of Safety, Security, Automated Fire suppression, Detection and Alarm systems. FSS Gasses Limited provides certification, competent training, technical support, project design and specification, provisional consumables, maintenance and services to fire safety installers, consultants and end users.

FSS Gasses has been a leading provider of environmental, occupational and process safety solutions and products to producers, oil and gas companies and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) operators across West Africa.

As a leading insurance professional, Fajemirokun has always made public his desire to see the industry fortified enough to play effectively its role as the bastion of the financial services sector of the Nigeran economy. Through his experiences, he has piloted the affairs of the board of the American International Insurance company to make it one of the few reliable underwriting firms in Nigeria.

Fajemirokun announced his desire to move into the upstream oil and gas sector of the nation’s economy in 2010. As the founder and director of First Hydrocarbon Nigeria Limited—an indigenous company seeking to develop assets from the majors, he felt that the time was right to invest his personal capital in demonstration of his support for the company’s ambition to develop a number of underdeveloped fields.

He also serves as the Chairman of Food Concept and Entertainment Plc.



  • University of Los Angeles
  • Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

Net worth:

Foundation or organisation founded: First Hydrocarbon Nigeria Limited