PetCo Throws Away Live Baby Iguana

Well guys, I’m sure you all know what Petco is, so we are going to jump straight to the video here. After watching this video I am amazed by the fact that this man remained (pretty much) calm when he found that baby iguana. I would be really pissed off, and I’d probably go to the store and give them a lesson!

Source: PhrynosomaTexas

A week prior to this video, this guy found another baby iguana which he couldn’t save ( it died as he was preparing stuff for tube feeding ), in the exact same dumpster.

This should definitely go viral so that more people can see the real side of PETCO.

This is just outrageous – especially the fact that this guy found 2 baby iguanas in just a week. Just imagine how many more they killed / will kill before we put a stop to this. .