Nigerian Celebrity Biography: Liz Da Silva

Biography of Liz Da Silva

Biography of Liz Da Silva



Liz Da Silva, whose full name is Elizabeth Omowunmi Tekovi Da Silva, is a Togolese breed in Obalende, an Urban area in Lagos. She is an actress as well as a producer. Her parents were Togolese. She was born in Lagos Island. Da Silva’s family tie was severed when her father separated from her mother. She faced the challenge of growing up with her single mother, who became the breadwinner after the divorce. Silva developed interest in acting while in secondary school. Joining the school drama group, she felt deeper love for the theatre and held unto it passionately until she found ways to get on with it. Silva’s mother died before she went into acting. The loss was a tragic one for her as she despairingly replays events of life without a father with her. She felt her source of comfort taken away. In 2004, she delved into acting when Iyabo Ojo introduced her to Muka Ray Eyiwunmi, an actor cum producer. Liz mostly features in Yoruba movies. Silva is a dynamic actress who in a bid to play unique, produced an all-female cast movie in 2012. The movie featured notable actresses like Iyabo Ojo, Ronke Ojo, Doris Simon, and Ayo Mogaji. Silva works vigorously to write interesting stories that affect lives positively. She runs an annual event, Ankara Bells, which showcases several showbiz celebrities. She revealed that her aim for initiating the event was to promote African cultural values and encourage youths through organizing stage plays, beauty contests, musical performances, choreographies, fashion walks, discussion on enlightening youths to cultural views and resolving hitches bothering cultural difference and many more. Silva is not married but has a three year old kid whose father is a Muslim. In 2013, she revealed she was in good terms with her baby’s father. She confirmed that she had to change religion to Islam due to her baby’s birth. She was converted and renamed Aisha before the baby was named. Liz was reported to have been impregnated by one Alhaji Yemi Olaoye. He is a close friend of MC Oluomo, a popular Oshodi Transport Boss in Lagos.

Education: After her nursery and primary education, she furthered in Ireti Grammar Secondary School. She had her tertiary education at Lagos State University, Anthony Campus, Lagos.

Popular Roles: Da Silva has always admired Bukky Wright and has since chosen her as a mentor and role model. She acts roles similar to Bukky Wright’s, intriguing and action-filled.

Breakout Movies:

  • Ore l’ore Nwoto (2007)
  • Mama Insurance (2012)

Popular Movies:

  • Derinsola (2016)
  • Jokotola (2016)
  • Tobi Banker (2016)

Liz Da Silva

Recent Movies:

  • Ojogbon (2016)
  • Jokotola (2016)
  • Ihoho (2016)
  • Folajomi (2016)

Awards: N/A


Liz Da Silva also has her own share of controversies. When Yemi Olaoye refused to father her baby, she fell into the comfort of MC Oluomo, Alhaji’s close friend. Yemi claimed he needed DNA verification to confirm if the child was truly his, to which Silva refused. Facts later emerged of how MC Oluomo was the true father of the baby. Meanwhile, series of events unfolded and it was discovered that the so-called Alhaji had been cheating on his wife, Zainab Olaoye, who was resident in America. In turn, rumour spread that it was indeed Yemi, who abandoned Silva after noticing her illicit games with MC Oluomo, his friend.

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  • Facebook: Liz Da-Silva
  • Twitter: @DrSpanishWho
  • Inatagram: @liz_dassilva
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