Nigerian Celebrity Biography: Ade Bantu

Ade Bantu’s Biography



Born Adegoke Odukoya on 13 July, 1971, in London, England, Ade Bantu is a renowned Nigerian music artiste, songwriter and producer. His stagename, Bantu is Mononym for Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity. First of 7 children, his father, Adegoke Odukoya is Nigerian while his mother, Barbara Odukoya a German. His family moved to Lagos when Adegoke was still a young boy. There he spent most of his teenage years. In 1986, Ade with his family including his younger brother Abiodun Odukoya, who is also a musician, relocated to Germany. That was after the death of his father. He is multi-talented and has been involved in several projects across the globe. From owning an NGO, to championing activism and human right Crusades to hosting a television show, Ade Bantu has demonstrated a great level of versatility, most especially in the entertainment industry. While in Germany, he was actively involved in several campaigns against all racial and other forms of discrimination against the blacks. He was part of the Afrobeat Academy Band that performed during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. His skilful blend of Afrobeat, Fuji, Hip Hop, Afrofunk and Dancehall is quite commendable.

Genre: Afrofunk, Afrobeat


After attending primary and secondary schools in Nigeria, Ade Bantu went to Germany to study Electronic Engineering.

Popular Tracks:

  • ‘Chop or Quench’
  • ‘Fufu’
  • ‘Am I My Brothers Keeper?’
  • ‘Fuji Satisfaction’
  • ‘Lagos Jump’

Albums including year released:

  • Fufu (1999)
  • Make We Start/African Border (2001)
  • Bantu (2004)
  • No Man Stands Alone (2011)

Awards:  Won (Best Group Africa) 2005 Kora Awards


In 2015, Ade Bantu joined the league of controversial Nigerian singer, when he called on all Nigerians to be fair in their dealings with people of unusual sexual orientation. He further said that he has friends who are gay, lesbians and transgender and does not discriminate against them. He urged Nigerians and Africans to follow suit stressing that sustaining African unity is most paramount and should everyone’s priority.

Social Profiles:

  • Ade Bantu on Facebook: Bantu
  • Ade Bantu on Twitter: @adebantumusic
  • Ade Bantu on Youtube: Ade Bantu
  • Ade Bantu on Instagram: @adebantu



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