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Whenever we hear the name, Yinka Davies, what often comes to mind is good and quality music. With her unique voice blending with a range of traditional Folksongs, Highlife, Blues, and Salsa, Yinka Davies has established herself as a dynamic and multitalented singer and songwriter as far as the Nigerian music industry is concerned. Also an accomplished entertainer per excellence, Yinka Davies was born on July 16 1970 into a royal family who were music lovers. Her father is from Ikorodu in Lagos while her father belongs to the Lisabi clan of Benin Republic/Sierra Leone. All of these would later influence her unique and poignant vocal delivery. Growing up, Yinka was passionate about anything aesthetic and performance; in short, she was in love with the art. In the home, she was always interested in the type of music her parents listened to – Makossa, Afrobeat, Hausa and deep Yoruba traditional music always blasted out of their stereo. She also did listen to Salawa Abeni’s Waka music while equally being massaged by Art Alade’s jazz. Initially, Yinka was passionate about sculpture and painting. She had once heeded Bassey Effiong’s (the then director of National Theatre) call to paint the stage for the performance of Efua Sutherland’s play titled Marriage of Anansewa. When Lagbaja presented his first album, Side by Side, Yinka Davies was involved in partnership with Bread and Butter Jazz club. After this, she went on to backup for notable musicians like Blackky, a Reggae artiste, Shina Peters, Afruju Master and Mike Okri, who was into RnB. She also did choreography for their music videos. The Popular musician who has been in the music industry for 28 years has won several awards local and international. With her band, named 5&6, Yinka has performed at different shows and music festivals across Africa and beyond.

Genre: Afrobeat, Jazz

Popular Tracks:

  • ‘Owo’
  • ‘Eko Ile’
  • ’Children of Nigeria’
  • ‘Won Gbe Bo’

Albums including year released:

  • Black Chiffon (2010)
  • Emi n’lo (2002)


  • (Voice of Decade) 2007 Nigeria Music Awards
  • (Upcoming Artiste of the Year) 1992 Fame Music Awards


Sometime ago the rumor spread like wildfire during harmattan that the Ebutte Meta born artiste was a lesbian. It was said that the rumormongers capitalized on her stance not to have any marital affair with any man. However, Yinka Davies, who is already a mother of two, was angered by this blatant lie, debunking it as idle talk. She said that the fact that she had refused men getting near her does not mean that she is not straight, as some people have claimed.

Social Profiles:

  • Yinka Davies on Facebook: Yinka Davies
  • Yinka Davies on Twitter: @IamYinkaDavies
  • Yinka Davies on Youtube: Yinka Davies
  • Yinka Davies on Instagram: @yinkadavies02



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