Nigerian Celebrities Biography: Mike Ezuruonye

Mike Ezuruonye’s Biography



Mike Ezuruonye is one of Nigeria’s most handsome actors. The eldest of 4 siblings, Ezuruonye is renowned for the role of a prince in most movies. Born in Lagos on 21 September 1982, the cute Nollywood star once worked as a banker after his tertiary education. As a young boy, Mike was fond of script writing and loved to be on camera. This movie icon was said to have been discovered by chance by one Ruke Amata, who happened to be one of the first Nollywood movie producers at the time. Today, Mike is a celebrity in the movie industry. He has featured in a number of films and has received many awards. He is married and the marriage is blessed with a cute son.


Mike studied Accounting at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University after completing his secondary education at Federal Government Government College in Taraba State and Archbishop Aggey Memorial School in Lagos.

Popular Roles: Ezeronye’s roles in movies are versatile; sometimes he acts ‘bad boy’, at other times, you feel for him, being a broke, frustrated and powerless village husband. In any case, he is good at his craft.

Breakout Movie including year released: Broken Marriage

Popular Movies including year released:

  • Unforgivable (2014)
  • Ropes of Fate (2010)
  • Game Men Play (2006)
  • Unforeseen (2005)

Recent movies including year released:

  • The Duplex (2015)
  • Dangerous Lord (2015)


  • (Best Lead Male) 2014 Nollywood Movie Awards
  • (Best Crossover Act) 2014 Yoruba Movie Awards
  • Best Lead Role 2008 and 2009 Africa Movie Academy Awards


It was reported by and other online media about how Mike Ezuruonye was insulted by the famous actress, Mercy John, while on set. This happened in 2011 during a movie shoot. When it was the turn of Mike to act out his script with Mercy, the actress was nowhere to be found only to resurface later after a long wait. This Mike frowned at and displayed his displeasure when she returned. Rather than apologize, the popular actress appeared from nowhere feeling pompous and hurling insults on whoever dare to question her, not sparing even Mike on whom she used an F word. This generated many varying comments in the media.  Later on, however, the two movie stars settled their rift amicably.

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