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Kunle Remi’s Biography



Oyekunle Oluwaremi Opeyemi was born on October 18, in the early 80’s. He is known professionally as Kunle Rhemmy. A popular Nigerian actor, model, dancer and a TV host, Kunle hails from Ekiti State. His adventure into acting started while in the University when he decided to try his hands on acting. In the church at Ibadan, he was the drama leader. Majority of his friends were into theatre. He was inspired by this, and made up his mind to pursue his dream of acting. By 2009, he had taken part in several soap operas and television shows across the country. Also, he got great support from his parents.

Education: He studied Fishery and Wild Life Management at the University of Ibadan.

He later deferred the admission for Tourism and Hospitality Management at Shefield University. He also bagged a degree at the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles.

Popular roles: He roles are mostly emotional.

Breakout movies:

  • Shades of Love (2009)
  • Unspoken (2011)

Popular movies:

  • Carbage Between (2013)
  • Sting (2013)
  • The Date (2013)

Recent movies:

  • My Creek Town Adventure (2014)
  • The Lincoln Clan (2014)
  • The Falling (2015)

Awards: Won the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS 2010)


Kunle really had hard times with fans, especially with producers and directors. He once revealed his encounter with a producer in an interview. The producer asked if it was winning the GUS that gave him the reasoning to think he could act well.

Although discouraged, the question also propelled him to put on the armor of courage in his endeavors.

Social profiles:

Kunle Remi on Instagram: @kunleremiofficial

Kunle Remi on Twitter: @KunleRemi

Kunle Remi on Facebook: Kunle Remi




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