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Biography of Faze



Faze is a top Nigerian music artiste. He was born Chibuzor Orji in 1977 in Festac Town, Lagos. Fourth of a family of 9, Faze has a unique voice that makes him stand out among other Nigerian singers. He has been involved in songwriting and singing since 1994. The same year, he participated in the DBN Karaoke Contest and won. That was the beginning of his trek to stardom. Before joining the popular musical collabo of the name Plantashun Boiz, Faze was a Rap artiste under the name ‘Lyrical Orge’. While with Plantashun Boiz, Faze used to play a lead role with his unique voice. After each member of the defunct Plantashun Boiz went solo, Faze released Faze Alone, his first album. It was produced under the WestSide Music Label. The track went viral placing him in the league of popular artistes in Nigeria. With the album alone, he sold over 3 million copies. Later, he remained unstoppable in the music industry releasing his second album Independent and his third Originality. Around this period, he had already become a household name in the booming Nigerian music industry. By this time, Faze had become so popular that he collaborated with iconic music artistes such as Akon and Wyclef Jean. Aside singing, Faze also is involved in acting. In 2004, he played a lead role in his debut appearance in the movie titled Lovechild. Faze has won several awards and has been nominated many times at music festivals across Africa and beyond.

Genre: R&B, Pop, Reggae

Popular Tracks:

  • ‘Face Alone’
  • ‘Angel Gabriela’
  • ‘Originality’
  • ‘Am in Love’
  • ‘Proud To Be African’

Albums including year released:

  • ReFAZEd (2012)
  • Originality (2008)
  • Independent (2006)
  • Faze Alone (2004)
  • Refazed (2014)
  • Alone (2017)


  • (Achievement in Soundtrack) 2012 AMAA Awards
  • (Youth Motivator) 2009 Criteria Magazine Awards
  • (Best Choreography Video) 2008 Sound City Awards
  • (Best Vocalist of the Year) 2006 Hip-Hop World of Awards

Controversies: Faze has been in the Nigerian music industry for over twenty years yet; free from controversies.

Social Profiles:

Faze on Facebook: Chibuzor Orji Faze

Faze on Twitter: @FAZErefazed

Faze on Youtube: Facealone

Faze on Instagram: @facealone

Faze on Snapchat:

Website: NA

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