Nigerian Celebrities Biography: Ali Nuhu Mohammed

Ali Nuhu’s Biography


Born in Maiduguri on 15 March 1974, Ali Nuhu is a renowned Nigerian actor, director and producer. Dubbed in the media as the ‘King of Kannyhood’ and nicknamed ‘King Ali’ by his teeming fans, the Hausa movie superstar is reputable for princely roles in most films. Though he was born in Maiduguri, he lived most of his adult lives in Kano, where he had been actively involved in different projects including television shows and series. He is a television personality as well. He is currently Co-Chairman of FKD productions. In 2012, 2013 and 2015, Ali was regarded as one of the wealthiest Nigerian celebrities, ranking very high in Forbes Nigeria’s ‘Celebrity 100 list’. Also, interestingly, he has a fan base of more than 98 million. Ali Nuhu has featured in over a hundred popular movies of both Hausa and English genres. He is married with three children.


Before obtaining a Geography degree from the University of Jos, Ali first went to Riga Special Primary School for his elementary education and then Government Commercial Secondary School and Science Secondary School all in Kano State.

Popular Roles: Nuhu mostly plays prince or someone connected to the palace. He is also known for a ‘loverboy’ role.

Breakout Movie including year released: The Siege 1 and 2 (2009)

Popular Movies including year released:

  • Confusion Na Wa (2013)
  • Blood and Henna (2012)
  • Last Flight to Abuja (2012)
  • Tears in the Palace (2010)

Recent Movies including year released:

  • ‘Tar Tasha (2015)
  • Halacci (2015)


  • (Best Upcoming Actor) 2014 Africa Movie Academy Awards
  • (Best Actor in a Supporting Role) 2014 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards
  • (Best Actor) 2013 Entertainment Awards


In November 2015, Premium Times reported the news about the rumoured death of Ali Nuhu. The movie star was shocked when he started to receive phone calls and text messages from concerned friends and well-wishers about the news making the round. It was said that the ‘Kannyood king’ was attacked in his Kano residence by a gang of armed robbers and shot dead. The handsome Nollywood star later openly dispelled the rumour and asked that it should be disregarded; that he was sound and healthy.

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  • Ali Nuhu’s Twitter: @alinuhu
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  • Ali Nuhu’s Instagram: @realalihuhu
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