Cutest Slow Loris Ever!!!

Source: SlowLorisChannel

Soooooo, in this video you can see a Slow loris eating small pieces of banana. Slow lorises are nocturnal primates and are commonly found in Southeast Asia. They have a round head, narrow snout, and an extremely cute big eyes ( the main reason why people like them – cute eyes ).

This particular Slow loris was born in a pet shop in Japan. Her name is Kanako. She is domestically bred and has the cutest little teeth you will ever see!

Slow lorises are omnivores ( omnomnomnivores ) and their diet consists of 70% fruits and gums and just 30% insects and other animal prey.

No matter how cute they are, they can actually be dangerous. Most of you do not know that Slow lorises are actually one of the only poisonous mammals left in the world. They produce a potentially dangerous toxin from the sides of their elbows. They tend to mix it with saliva and lick their body in order to prevent predators from attacking them. This technique is mostly used by females as a way of protecting their babies from predators. That toxin they produce can cause death by anaphylactic shock, so beware. . .

Their subtle nature and amazingly cute look make them really popular in the illegal pet trade network. Did you notice how they took over the internet a few years ago. They were literally everywhere. People were so amazed by their cuteness that they even managed to forget cats for a short period of time