Crazy Mom Gets Son On Stage With Michael Buble

Well guys, I’m sure we can all agree that Michael Buble is a great singer. This video shows not only that, it also shows what a funny / great person he is. During one of his concerts, he started a conversation with a nervous mother who tried to get her son on stage.

She kept claiming her son just turned 15 and he sings very good. Michael did not trust her at first, but later on, he was like “oh why the fuck not” and he called the boy to come on stage. The boy seemed really nervous and shy.

From the moment he stepped on stage, everyone was just waiting for him to fuck up. But, something completely different happened shortly after that….. They started singing Feeling Good when the boy simply amazed the entire arena with his beautiful voice.

Source:Michael Bublé

Even Michael was shocked with the quality of the boy’s voice (his name is Sam). It was one of those moments that brings shivers down your spine! Sam is very talented and has an amazing voice. The only obstacle, in our humble opinion, preventing him from becoming the next Michael Buble is his shyness.

When he was on the stage, he seemed really nervous and shy. If he can improve on that aspect, he could become the next big thing. Even Michael said “I got another 4 years before Sam wins the X Factor and drives my career into the fucking pavement”. What a guy! ☺