Crazy Cotton Candy Artist

Well guys, this is another one of those amazing street artist videos you stumble upon every now and then. It is a video about a lady who is making a beautiful flower from Cotton Candy and it looks just amazing. Without further adue, let’s watch the video first:

As you can see in the video, this lady is making a five – colored cotton candy flower which turns out perfect, and what is even more amazing – she made it in less than 5 minutes. This video comes from an ancient city of Ciqikou in Chongqing on Friday, 6th of June 2014.

Source: awesomeyoutubestuff

Cotton candy is one of the traditional confectionary in China and it is made by a special machine. This street snack is actually famous worldwide as many street vendors travel around the world visiting festivals on which they show off their cotton candy making skills. 🙂

We just hope food artists will somehow manage to pass on their knowledge to younger generations to prevent this amazing form of art go extinct.