Christmas Dinner Menu Idea For Diabetic Guest

Cookies and milk left out for Santa

What To Serve The Diabetic Santa

Are you planning to host a diabetic guest this Christmas? Have you been brainstorming on what to serve the guest? It will be awkward having two different meals on your table. So, for your diabetic guest to enjoy your meal like everyone else in the family, we have some suggestion for you to meet everyone’ need.

Diabetic patients should not consume foods that will elevate the level of sugar in their blood. So you need to do away with candies, cookies, sodas and fries. Also, forget anything made from white flour such as white bread and white rice.

No Fries, No Soda or Fizzy drinks!

No FriesNo Soda

Serving candies is not a good idea either…

No Candy

Your diabetic guest can enjoy fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. These should be without additives. Certain cuts of meats and foods made from wholesome wheat, rice or corn grains are also desirable.

You can also serve your diabetic Santa normal foods such as stewed and grilled beef, sweet and sour chicken, cod and shrimp. Don’t forget to include a variety of green and pinto beans, peas, mushrooms and whole grain pasta and noodles. You can also serve some sugar free cookies and milk before the main meal.

With these menus, everyone can enjoy their Christmas dinner and live happily ever after! Happy holidays.

Source: Christmas Loaded