Check Out The Deepest Pool In The World

This video is either really cool or really terrifying, depending on if you have a fear of deep dark places. Nemo 33 is the world’s deepest indoor pool, and it is an amazing feat of modern engineering.

Located in Brussels, Belgium, the world’s deepest pool clocks in at just under 35 meters deep, or 118 feet if you’re American (or Liberian, I guess). The video takes you on a serene tour of the facility that looks like something James Bond will have to infiltrate in his next film, and is set to a very calming soundtrack by The XX.

The pool has several windows looking out towards the exterior of the building as well as the restaurant in the building, so you and your friends can see one another while you’re diving the formidable depth of the pool.

Under the water Nemo has several cool structures including arches, a vertical tunnel so deep it gets hard to see at the bottom, and an amazing underwater cave where you can catch your breath. Check the video out and I promise you’ll be booking a flight to Belgium to experience this modern marvel.