Can’t Scare This Deer

I am sure you all know that wild animals usually get quite scared when they hear guns being fired near them. Especially deer, they get scared to death when they hear guns being fired as that usually means hunters are onto them and they should immediately start running for their life….Well, not this deer.

This deer’s got some major balls. Just watch the video guys, you will see what I am talking about. One of the funniest videos I’ve found today, which is not surprising as I’ve been watching that Conan’s show. Pun intended ☺

So Yeah. . . Basically, this deer is just casually walking around while these guys are firing from their manly toys. What’s even better, he did not even flinch when the fat dude fired from that huge rifle just a few feet away from him. What a badass deer. He just walked around, minding his own business. He even licked the goddamn rifle. If this deer was human, I am pretty sure he would be a Jean – Claude Van Damme type of badass.