Beauty or Healthy Living, See What Nigerians Care More About

Health and beauty

Search audit shows that Nigerians care less about their health

It’s just a day to the end of the year 2016, For any organisation, businesses or individuals to outdo their performance this year, it is of utmost importance to look at the current years performance and see were improvement is needed in the coming year 2017.

As a content based site, we share post on Lifestyle and Entertainment, beauty, food, fashion and other useful topics.  We started off in February this year, and the current results for us shows we are improving. We decided to do a simple search audit on which topics Nigerians care about the most so we can work on on those topics to create great contents for our website.

I decided to search for topics that trended in the year which we haven’t much on…Makeup tips< Beauty Tips, Hairstyles, Natural hair and Ankara Styles. The result came up like this on Google Trends

Photo: Google Trends

I decided to add another search keyword that I care about, which is Health and healthy living. So i decided to add “Health Tips” to Google Trends Table

Photo: Google Trends

We heard of people dying unexpectedly and lives lost due to bad health habits all year round. This simple search audit has shown why many visit the hospital with high number casualties. It’s not too late to start embracing healthy health habits, True beauty actually start from within. We need to start caring about out physical health and what we take in. Actually as most professional beauty experts write, what you eat really affects your outward beauty, makeups and other beauty products are meant to compliment your beauty.

The morals of this post is simple, Take your health as a priority in 2017 and experience more outward beauty and physical health. One of the ways to promote health living is relaxing the body in a serene environment every weekend. There many relaxation spots in Nigeria, Jumia travel is a good place to do your search and have a break from daily hustle and bustle of the week.

Happy new year in advance!!!