Awesome Hidden Pool. . . . Truly Amazing

In addition to owning a fully functioning suit of Iron Man’s armor and being as effortlessly cool as Prince, after watching this video I can safely add being rich enough to afford a self hiding pool to my list of unattainable life goals.

I’m not sure of the exact price of having this technological feat installed, but I’m sure it’s more than I’ll make in the next 10 years. Still, the video is worth checking out if only to marvel at the clever engineering that went into undoubtedly the coolest pool in the neighborhood.

The self hiding pool is the creation of Israeli-based engineering firm AGOR, which from its website appears to specialize in moving floors and clever outdoor hiding tricks like the one in the video.

While I don’t think the moving floor is exactly going to catch on in the average home anytime soon, it is certainly a beautiful and interesting little feature to impress your friends when they come over for a dinner party at your fancy new pad. Just be sure to put your pool back in the upright position before you go for an unexpectedly moist midnight stroll.