Amazing Things Only Left-Handed People Can Do

If you’re left-handed and you always complain about the frustration attached to it, you will discover after reading this post that there are plenty of advantages attached to it as well.

This article highlights the things only left-handed people can do.

  1. Left-handed people are ideal for artistic pursuits. This is because they are more visual than language-based. University students that are left-handed are more likely to study visually-based subjects as opposed to language-based subjects.
  1. Lefties are better at playing video games. They can handle large amounts of stimuli thereby making them better at killing zombies and playing virtual tennis. This is because they are better thinkers and multi-taskers.
  1. Left-handed people are better multi-taskers. Their brain can think more quickly. This makes it easier for them to be able to deal with large and unorganized pool of information. It was also established by research that the communication between the left side and right side of the brain occurs faster in left-handed people. This enables them to possess better multitasking ability.
  1. They adjust more easily to seeing under water. According to scientists, this may be due to the dominance of a different part of the brain in the lefties. Left handed people can adjust to more easily to the world around them when under water. This is useful for those that love swimming among them.
  1. They recover from stroke faster. Left-handed people find it easier to from a stroke that damages a part of their brain simply because they are able to use their non-dominant hand. It can also be due to the fact that the left-handed people need to strengthen both sides of their brain to survive in the right-handed world.

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