African Safari Animals Drunk Off Their Asses

Yes guys, you have read the title correctly. Animals can be alcoholics too, you’re not alone. The source of their happiness seems to be rotten Marula fruit. Marula tree is a member of the mango family, widely grows in Africa and is often used to produce oil, jam and alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer.

In order to get drunk, animals eat rotten Marula from the ground. The fruit ferments in their bellies and makes them…..well it makes them more drunk than your stepfather on Saturday evening.

Drunk monkeys are surely the funniest to watch, probably because of their similarity to human beings ( pun intended ). Their similarity to us along with their ability to express drunkish facial expressions make an awesome combination for a viral video.

Another interesting fact about this video is that, apparently, Elephants are the biggest alcoholics in the animal kingdom ( or at least when it comes to Marula fruit ). Their excessive drinking habits are causing serious concerns over the future of Marula tree. No wonder they drink alcohol, they have excellent photographical memory. 

The place in which you will most likely see these wild animals get drunk is Kruger National Park in South African Republic.

This video was taken from a movie called Animals Are Beautiful People Too which was made by Jamie Uys back in mid 80’s.

So yeah, it turns out that wild animals can be alcoholics too. Who would’ve guessed? What is next, birds will start ripping hits from their owner’s bongs? Jeez. . .

Oh, never mind, I give up. .