7 Things To Know About Public Transport System In Lagos

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Important Public Transport Tips In Nigeria

For the average people public transportation system is a necessity because they have never been opportuned to own a personal car or other means of transport while some are privilege to have a car and can even afford a driver. These people see public transport system as disgusting and obnoxious but I tell you it’s fun to ride in a public transport. However, there are several forms of transportation in Nigeria but the most commonly used are planes, boats, taxis, buses, motor cycle popularly known as Okada, three-whelled cycle(Kekenapep) amongst others. Many of us rely on them to save cost and get to our destination more efficiently.

Although, many people can still recall their ordeal when they use public transport system but that can not eradicate it. We can only correct the decay in the system.

Here are the seven (7) tips you must know about public transport.

#1. Safety: You must know the right transport system to use to work, market or when embarking on a long distance adventure. In everything one’s safety comes first. If you know travelling by water won’t be safe for you it’s better you use the automobile. You must ensure that the taxi or bus is in a good condition to avoid breakdown or accident.

#2. Convenience: Your convenience is paramount when choosing a public transport. Do not board a bus especially the yellow bus known as Danfo that is rickety and can only accommodate 10 passengers but their drivers overload it with passengers. Make sure you sit properly and where there  is ventilation to avoid been choked while in traffic congestion.

#3. Know your route: Some people don’t even know where they are going before embarking on a journey. You must know the address of place your are visiting. In case you are in doubt you can ask people you trust or use goggle map to search for location. Equip yourself adequately about unknown destination.

#4. Board/stop bus at approved bus station: This is very important for commuters of long You must always ensure that you pick your taxi or bus at designated bus stop. It is very dangerous  to take a bus from unknown place or person. Visit park to board your bus so that your personal details will be taken and documented in case there is an emergency your identity can be traced.

#5. Pay attention: When you are in a public transport pay attention to everything around you. Don’t allow anyone to distract your attention because some people are in the habit of constituting nuisance in the bus. Be courteous and attentive. If you feel bored and lonely you can listen to music or read books but do not sleep.

#6. Be Security Conscious: You must ensure that the bus/motorcycle you are about to take is safe. If other passengers in the bus look suspicious back-off and look for another bus. Keep your purse, phones and other belongings safe. Also avoid travelling late at night or early in the morning because that is when criminals perpetuate evil.

#7. Obey your Instincts: This has always work for me and I have never regret my actions.  Learn to obey your inner voice. If your mind does not ride on a taxi don’t ignore that feeling because something bad may happen. Let your instinct work for you.