7 Reasons Why Dubai is The Best Honeymoon Destination

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Dubai is arguably the best honeymoon destination for newly weds.

As we all know, weddings are big ceremonies which involves a lot planning and preparation before the big day. Unlike other events, the celebration continues with the couples going on romantic holiday to spend quality time together. Many newly weds face challenges trying to find a perfect honeymoony destination, this can be caused by inadequate planning, cost of honeymoon packages and inability to find cheap flights and hotels for couples.

After spending so much on the wedding party, couples tend to minimise other expenses and this includes their honeymoon. The secret to enjoying an inexpensive honeymoon lies in one destination; Dubai. Dubai is popular for many reasons amongst holiday goers because you can find beautiful and quality places to visit at affordable prizes. The cost of flight is known to be the first thing to consider for couples with limited funds, so finding cheap flights to dubai will be the key to planning a perfect honeymoon in Dubai.

Before choosing your honeymoon destination, here are 7 reasons why Dubai honeymoon should be number one on your list of options:


#1. World-class architecture

 dubai architecture

Photo: VisitDubai

Dubai’s heritage and ultra-modern architecture exemplifies the past, present, and future colliding. Its world-class architecture demands your attention as symbols of prosperity and success against all odds which is the foundation of every marriage. This one single reason is why Dubai is an ideal honeymoon destination for couples looking to spend their honeymoon in a romantic and aspirational destination. For couples looking forward to building a home together, the city is almost a whimsical dream or vision of a future you are working towards. If only for that, this is a singularly unforgettable destination of choice.

#2. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Photo: LeisureAndTravel

If you’re a lover of nature and flowers, Dubai Miracle garden is a dream place to visit. Who would have thought that a hot and arid landscape can be home to a hundred million flower varieties? Not even the most temperate countries or the biggest greenhouses of the world can supply high-quality flowers of in-demand varieties year-round. But Dubai’s impressive garden oasis, Dubai Miracle Garden, would make you feel like you are far away from a desert. Dubai’s clout can make any industry formidable, so much so that flower delivery in Dubai and the flower industry in general, likely generates millions of dollars each year. So you could be camping out in the desert, under the starry skies, and still manage to get perfectly cultivated fresh cut flowers for that added romance to your getaway.

#3. Delightful Gastronomy

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Photo: SantafeNewMexican

Food, food and more food; no holiday is complete without yummy and delicious meals. You need to have of bite of Dubai’s food fare if you want to enjoy the taste of the city’s culture. Like other holiday destination, Dubai has both continental and local delicacies available at your choice hotel and restaurants. From extravagant meals to street food, you will definitely find what meets your taste and budget.

#4. Unparalleled Luxury

Dubai luxury hotels

Photo: Sofitel

One thing synonymous with Dubai is luxury. Lavish, top class and quality are three words that defines the unparalleled luxury of Dubai. If you’re planning an expensive honeymoon, Dubai has all you can think of. The seven star Burj Khalifa hotel has a lot of expensive suites, so it all depends on what you can afford. It has a hefty price tag of $24,000 for some of it’s night suite.

#5. The Desert

Dubai deserts

Photo: PlatinumHeritage

Many of have have not seen a desert before, we only see images of what it looks like. Desert always have beautiful and scapes perfect for taking astonishing images. Dubai deserts are popular destination for couples, with the favourite part being ring on the back of those harmless camels. You can live out your Arabian Nights fantasy with the desert safari complete with camel rides, dinner at the dunes with belly dancers as entertainment while you marvel at the stunning sunset. Your holiday in Dubai is not complete without  visiting the cinematic deserts.

#6. Shopping Paradise

Shopping in dubai

Photo: LindbergSafari

One of the unmissable activities of any holiday is shopping. Dubai has a lot large mall with cheap and quality things to buy. Depending on your budget, you can go all out on your retail therapy with a vast array of local and international selection of brands for all your fashion, tech, and merch needs. shopping is cheaper in dubai because it is a free trade zone, making prices of high street product less expensive compared to other holiday destinations.

#7. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Hotel

Photo: BurjKhalifa

Tom Wright, a British architect working for Atkins construction, designed the beautiful and incredible Burj Al Arab, the fourth tallest hotel in the world at 321 metres. No holiday goer visit dubai without visiting the monumental building. Burj Khalifa on itself is a single reason why many couples choose Dubai as their holiday destination. Sleeping in one of comfy and luxirious rooms in the iconic building is a dream for many, coupled with taking pictures to share with family and friends.

There other reasons why Dubai stand out from other holiday destinations for newly weds. However, finding the right holiday packages and cheap flights to dubai still remains paramount on the list of things to consider to have a perfect honeymoon.