7 Movies Promoting Pornography In Nollywood

Pornography Movies In Nollywood

The major themes of the Nigerian movie industry when it kicked off about 20 years ago were romance, witchcraft, ritualism and greed. The theme today is pathetic. Fans of the Nollywood movies are now compelled to watch immoral and obscene movies which are strange to the African norms and culture.

Surveys taken recently show that pornographic movies are taking over Nollywood at an exponential rate. Those that have been painstakingly following the development in the industry should have noticed the degree of nudity in the Nollywood movies. It’s disheartening that Nollywood actors are now venturing into these kinds of movies.

Until recently, the production of such movies was thriving in Ghana. This was responsible for the popularity of the Ghanaian movie industry in Nigeria since Nigerians fell in love with such movies. Today, Nollywood has embraced the act and are now leading the way with the production of pornographic films.

Below are 7 of such Nigerian movies which are promoting pornography in Nigeria.

  1. Law 58

The movie which was produced and directed by Dickson Iroegbu is an expository and shocking movie on gay practice. The lead role was played by Kanayo O. Kanayo and stares the likes of Halima Abubakar, Clarion Chukwurah, Kofi Adjorlolo and Mark Moris Chibueze amongst others.

  1. Pregnant Hawkers

This is another Nollywood gay movie. While Nollywood was being criticized for “Bold 5 babes” and “Room 027,” this one is shocker. You will only understand what I mean when you check it out.

  1. Lesbian Sisters

This movie was released in 2015. It’s all about sisters that were pretending to be in Catholic school but were actually busy discovering each other’s body.

  1. Destructive Instincts

It is a hardcore porn movie produced by Judith Opara popularly known as Afro Candy. She acted the role of a seductive mistress with steamy hot sex scenes. One of such scenes featured a man grappling with Afro Candy’s bare breast and buttocks.

  1. Strippers In Love

This is a soft-porn movie produced by Divine Touch productions. The movie stares Tonto Dike. One of the scenes from the movie showed Tonto Dike kissing another female cast. The movie is characterized with X-rated scenes.

  1. The Benjamins

The movie was produced by Charles Smooth and directed by Temple Chinedum. It is a high class campus movie that revolved around rap music and love. It is characterized with obscene scenes.

  1. Room 027

The movie stares Tony Umez, Collins Nwoche, Lisa Onu amongst others. It’s about a wife that decided to set her unfaithful husband up. The husband almost got implicated as a result of this. The movie is pornographic in nature.

The question on everyone’s lips with the rate movies of these natures are flooding the Nigerian markets is “What is the future of Nollywood?”