6 Mistake You Should Avoid Before You Say ‘I Do’

before you say i do

Marriage is a beautiful venture that most people can’t wait to embark on the journey. Though,  it may sound pleasant that you are about to become Mr or Mrs but the institution goes beyond the glits and glamour of the day.

Many young people of marriageable age fail to be sincere to themselves, putting feelings before true compatibility. Added pressure from family, parents and friends also complicates things which might lead to someone ending up marrying a wrong partner. There are common situations when a lady knows she’s not compatible with her partner but ignored all the signs and walked down the aisle with him and the marriage only lasted for a month.

Gone are the days you patch things up, what worked for your friends might not work for you when it comes to marriage. As a matter of fact been single is better than living your life in a mysterious marriage. Sometimes we claim love supercedes all things but I tell you we are in the era that love fades with time. Of a truth, true love exists and it overlooks some flaws but it only works for few.

Listed below are few mistakes you should avoid before getting married to your partner:

 black man proposing to woman
Photo: Huffington Post

#1. Don’t marry a man/woman who has no source of income

As little your income is, it go a long way to meet your financial needs. 40% of couples that fights frequently are the one that have no means of livelihood. Let’s face reality, there is nothing like having faith and get married without a job.

#2. Don’t marry for physical appearance

Marriage is beyond how sexy/handsome she or he looks. Physical appearance is one of the many things that will fade away with time. Some young people miss their right partner by been too selective. Beauty fades as you age and the only thing that can keep you is the bond you share with your partner.

#3. Don’t marry a man/woman you don’t love

Couples are in a failed marriage as result of mistaken lust for love. Love is not selfish neither self-centered. If all you care about is yourself then you don’t love him/her. If you don’t love your partner while you’re dating and courting, there is no need to take the relationship further.

#4. Don’t marry out of pity

Some people would say he/she has been there for me for ages, infact he meets all my financial needs and the only way to compensate him is by getting married to him. Its even better you define your relationship with him/her before making commitment.

#5. Don’t marry someone who does not respect you

When your partner yell at you or talk you down in the presence of his friends or family its a sign that he/she doesn’t value you. Marry someone you can relate with, talk to as a friend and would listen to you. Though, men have ego and ladies want to be pampered. Both should correct each other with love and respect.

#6. Don’t marry a man/woman who doesn’t share same values/goals with you

Its difficult for two person to work together except they agree. If your partner does not share same goals with you, then you are not compatible. Both partners must be ready to support each other to achieve one goal.

Be careful of who you choose to marry, marriage is an institution you would never graduate from, we learn everyday and what works for your friend might ruin your happiness if you apply it. Enjoy every bit of your singlehood and don’t rush to be address as a married woman.