6 Awesome DIY Chokers Necklace You Can Make By Yourself

DIY choker nacklace

Like many other fashion accessories, Chokers has made a comeback and it here to stay

The trend keeps evolving and getting more popular amongst ladies, hardly will you see a lady dressed without a choker these days. There are different types of chokers, from lace to denim chokers, to show lace, to metal, we have spotted various type of choker trends on celebrities and fashionistas around the world and we wonder what will be the next trending choker style each month. The good news is you can make one yourself that will still look great like high-street chokers.

The accessory is loved by many because of how they add an edgy element to any look effortless. With DIY chokers, you can keep up with the trend that keeps growing without breaking the bank. You can make one yourself.

DIY choker necklace

DIYs (Do It Yourself) accessories has become a trend on its own in the fashion world, some fashionistas have created videos showing how to make your own choker at home.

By making your own DIY choker, you can add fun twists to regular chokers, making them totally unique. You only need a few items.

Raylene Harvey shared an awesome video of 6 choker Styles! with over 30 variations! Bolo Wrap, Minimal, Circle, Pendant etc.. Watch the video below and share.


Here are 6 beautiful DIY chokers you can make by yourself:

Via: Raylene Harvey


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