5 reasons You Should Remember The Homeless This Christmas

Why the Homeless Matters This Christmas

Seventy-five thousand children will wake up homeless on Christmas Day, housing charity Shelter has warned.

The charity said the number of homeless families in Britain has been “rising steadily over recent months” and the number of families with children forced to live in B&Bs has also increased by 57% over the past year. Also we need to remember that there are more homeless families around the world. The stat given by housing charity shelter is just for Britain alone.

Whatever you plan to do this Christmas, whining and dinning, going for musical concerts and Christmas carols, taking your kids out for fun; whatever you have planned, always remember that it is important to show love to the homeless in your line up of activities. You can remember the homeless by spending some time with them and also donating food, gifts and funds. Like your family and friends the homeless deserve some love too, this Christmas might be the only time someone show they care for them.

Putting a smile on someone’s face is important. It’s more interesting when the face you’re putting the smile on is that of the homeless. Read along and discover some simple reasons why you need to remember the homeless this yuletide season.

  1. Christmas is a difficult and lonely time of the year for the homeless. Sharing your time and belongings with them gives them a sense of belonging. This will enable them to enjoy the season just like you and your family.
  1. The act of remembering the homeless is a fulfillment of the purpose of Christmas. The essence of Christmas is to show love and care to those with no place to live, the beggars and those that have nothing to eat and drink.
  1. Remembering the homeless also helps in alleviating the emotional despair they are in and gives them the chance to enjoy the season despite their circumstance.
  1. It makes them feel the spirit of love, security, abundance of life and hope for the coming year.
  1. Finally, remembering the homeless this Christmas will also be beneficial to you. It will make you feel good that you are giving back. The smiles on the faces of the homeless will definitely give you joy.

Whatever you do this Christmas, do not forget the homeless!

Happy Holidays!