5 Reasons Why You Should Use Public Transportation To Work

brt bus

Nowadays, Nigerians with private cars still use public buses, wondering why? read along…

You might be thinking that there is nothing more comfortable and luxurious as traveling in your privately owned vehicle but I tell you that public transportation worth a try and you will never regret your action.

Obviously, some  people criticize its operation as a result of the decay in the system forgetting its enormous benefits. Most countries considered it as a necessity because it does not only cater for the mobility of the poor masses but it also brings about development. In Lagos metropolis, the quality of service you get depends on your choice of transport system. In this article we shall discuss the importance of  public transport system in Nigeria

Here are 5 benefits of travelling in a public bus in Lagos

#1. Cost Effective

The cost of public transport is less compared to the expense involved in driving your private car. Thus, the quickest way to beat high gas prices is to use the public transport. A lot of people use their car occasionally to cut cost especially in this time of recession in the country.

#2. Reduced Traffic Congestion

Most people might not know that one of the cause of traffic congestion on our highways is the presence of vehicles that ply the road at the same time. In a metropolitan state, the only way to make your journey hassle-free is by encouraging the public transport system. It also saves you the trouble of repairing your car all the time.

#3. Time Conscious

If you live in a congested state like Lagos you don’t need to be told that you have to arrive at the bus station early to meet up with appointments. Public transport will make you wake up early to catch up with buses at the bustop. Recently, i was shocked when I got to the park at 6am and realised that some drivers are just returning from their first trip. In Lagos no room for laziness(laughs).

#4. Improves Health/Life Span

One of the fastest way to die young is driving regularly. I have heard of people complaining about their health after driving for long hours. Sometimes you need to take a break from the wheel and enjoy the comfort of been driven to work. You get healthier and safer when you take public buses when travelling.

#5. Promotes Relationship

To get the attention of the person sitting beside you in a bus all you need to do is to start a conversation with the person before you know it you are friends. Public transport promotes positive interactions between neighbours and such relationship might be a lifetime opportunity that will make/mar your life.