5 Promises President Buhari And ACN Has Not Kept

President Buhari Made Some Promises Before Election

Most times politicians try their best to outdo their opponents by making promises they know cannot be kept, all because they want to win the people’s hearts before the election. That’s just how the game of politics is being played worldwide.

The same happened last year before the presidential election. President Buhari made some outrageous promises during his campaign throughout the nation. It was glaring that most of these promises are unrealistic. 5 of such promises which have not been kept will be looked into.

  1. Payment of 5,000 Naira monthly to the 25 million poorest Nigerians

I still remember my elementary mathematics very well, so by calculation, that’s 125 billion Naira monthly and 1.5 trillion naira per year. That’s a heck of money. The first clumsy aspect of this promise is how government will identify the 25 million poorest citizens. The Nigerian system should be first fixed for this to be realistic, if not the money will end up in the wrong pockets. And as touching the promise, we’re still waiting.

2. Security

Insecurity was one of the major challenges of the past administration. In fact, it was a major factor that made Goodluck Jonathan to lose the presidential election due to his inability to control the attacks of the insurgents. Prior to his election, President Buhari promised to end the attacks. Ironically, the situation is becoming worse since he resumed office. Although it will take some time for this promise to be kept, we implore the government to speed up their actions.

3. Provision of one free meal a day to pupils nationwide

This is one of the reasons why majority of the masses casted their vote for the All Progressives Congress-led administration. Yet, the promise has not been met. Other APC-led states have not even implemented the policy. This goes a long way to show that the policies were merely used as campaign strategies.

4. Payment of grants to graduates till they get a job

Lots of graduates find nothing to do after finishing their mandatory one year youth service program. The APC promised to be paying grants to these sets of people until they get employed but it’s just an intelligent initiative- on paper since it has not been implemented.

I believe the govern sued the grant as a sweet talk since they know it’s a major challenge facing Nigerian youths, and once they are able to capture the hearts of the youths, their chance of winning the election would be high.

5. Recruitment and training of at least 100,000 officers to the Nigerian Police Force

The Nigerian Police expressed their inability to recruit more officers simply because they do not have the financial strength to do so. This completely negates the promise made during the presidential campaign. Nigerians are still waiting for this promise.

President Buhari should give Nigerians a visible improvement because it the change they voted for. If this is not done on time, those that voted for him will soon turn their back on him. Goodluck Jonathan’s case is a lesson.

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