4 Quick And Easy DIY Head Wrap Styles

Ankara Head wrap styles

Head wraps compliments a stylish look and brings out the gorgeousness of your outfit

Head wraps also know as scarf, are used by women for different purposes; to cover a short hear, as part of an outfit or just as a tradition. In any of the categories you fall into, you’re sure to find a suitable head wrap style to match your outfit. The good thing about head wraps is that, you can make one with any type of fabric. However, the most common of all is the Ankara head wrap which very popular because of the beauty and flair of the Ankara fabric. Some years back, Nigerian women and African women alike are usually seen wearing head wraps matching the main dress as many hardly wear wigs or luxury hair then.

Nowadays ladies would love their pairs to see how much they spent on their hair or how much their imported artificial hair cost, thus; not giving any room for head wraps. Other ladies don’t wear head wraps simply because they don’t know how to tie one.

Ankara Head wrap stylesThese days ladies are now embracing head wraps especially with the versatility of the Ankara fabric.

One major issue ladies face with their head wraps is the lack of ideas on the style to try which will suit their outfit and how to actually make a perfect one. As easy as it my sound to tie and head wrap, many pay reasonable amount to makeup artist to get their head wrap tie for them just in case of traditional head gears. It can take up to 5 mins or 30 mins  depending on what style you’re trying to make.

We’ve made things easy for you ladies, we have some beautiful Ankara head wraps carefully crafted by professionals. This Ankara DIY head wrap tutorials are easy to make just by following the step by step instructions

Here are 4 DIY head wrap styles Tutorials:

#1. Tutor: Tifa Glamour

Via: tifaglamour


#2. Tutor: Kilahmazing

Via: Kilahmazing


#3. Tutor: Primrose Panglea

Via: Primrose Panglea


#4. Tutor: Sonia Munero

Via: Sonia Muneri


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