4.4 Million Fan Page of The Shade Room Deleted by Facebook

On Monday morning 18.04.2016, the 4.4 million fans of The Shade Room found that the page is missing from their Facebook newsfeed. If you have a quick look at facebook.com/theshaderoom brings up the following page;

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 8.59.06 AM

In a brief DM interview with NiemanLab, The Shade Room owner, Angie Nwandu confirmed the page was removed on Monday, but couldn’t pinpoint what violation occured:

“I monitor the page frequently and nothing was posted that violated any rules to my knowledge,” she wrote in a DM. “We have been targeted on FB and have been receiving numerous reports over things that don’t violate the terms. The amount of reports have been excessive.”


According to Jezebel, a Facebook rep confirmed The Shade Room’s deletion was the result of a violation of Facebook’s Community Standards.

UPDATE as at (8:36 p.m. 19.04.2016): A Facebook rep confirmed that The Shade Room’s account was deleted because it violated Facebook’s community standards. The rep also stated that Shade Room can go through an appeals process if they choose.


Who else follows The Shade Room? What are your thoughts on the unexplainable deletion?