15 Struggles Every Mixed Race Nigerian Knows To Be True

Mixed race kids are gorgeous, but they have some daily struggles they have to cope with!

here are some funny realities every mixed race Nigerian can easily relate to;

1. When people ask where you’re from and you tell them you’re Nigerian…

2. When people call you half-caste.

3. When you tell people you’re Yoruba/Igbo but they insist you’re Fulani.

4. When someone says you’re beautiful only because you’re mixed race.

5. When someone keeps telling you they want mixed race babies by force.

6. When people say all mixed race people are hot.

7. When people touch your hair and ask why a half-caste person like you has Nigerian hair.

8. When everybody acts really nice to you because they believe you’re Oyinbo.

9. When you can’t even complain about Nigeria’s issues because nobody believes you’ve lived in Nigeria all your life.

10. When people say they can only date light-skinned girls/guys like you.

11. When people say you’re forcing yourself to be Nigerian just because you don’t speak ‘phoney’.

12. Nigerians, when they see you taking a Danfo or Okada.

13. When people assume you have money because you’re mixed race but deep down you’re very broke.

14. When people see you with one of your parents and still ask if you’re really their child.

15. When you tell people your name is Akinola but they insist on calling you ‘Akins’.


Source: Zikoko
Featured Image: Woman.ng